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Batajnica 2009 International Air Show

A century ago, following several years of preparation, the Kingdom of Serbia bought two free spherical and one tied kite-balloon for its Army from August Ridinger, a German firm from Augsburg. Upon reception, on April 19 1909, Kosta Miletic, the first trained Serbian airman and aeronaut, who was to become the first commander of the Serbian Air Forces, flew with the Serbian flag on a spherical balloon named Serbia. Another tied balloon had been procured from Russia, so that in 1909 Serbia had four balloons. A gas chamber was ordered from a firm in Berlin Dilman, a field winch from St Petersburg, and a hydrogen unit from a Swiss company Erliken. The aviation equipment was delivered to Serbia in 1909 and 1910. The balloons were used in the Second Balkan War and the First World War.

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